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BioPRYN(R) is a pregnancy detection tool that measures the presence of Pregnancy-Specific Protein B (PSPB) in the blood circulation of the animal.  PSPB is a protein that is produced only by the placenta of the growing fetus.  Blood can be drawn on cows and heifers at 28 days or more post-breeding and cows must be 73 days post-calving to ensure accuracy.


BioPRYN(R) begins with collection of a blood sample from the animal.  The sample is then shipped to our laboratory where it is tested.  Reports can be sent to customers by regular mail, email, or given via telephone request. BioPRYN® identifies your open cows with a greater than 99% confidence, giving producers assurance to artificially inseminate (AI), turn their females out with the herd bull or cleanup bull, or cull the animal. A small percentage of animals originally identified as pregnant may ultimately not calve,  primarily due to early embryonic death which is a challenge regardless of which method is used for pregnancy detection.


  • The BioPRYN analysis has been commercially available for nearly 10 years.  Applications of this technology have been documented in scientific and veterinary based publications since 1985
  • Early pregnancy detection:  a delay in rebreeding will increase the number of days a cow is open and extend the length of the calving season
  • A controlled breeding season results in a tight calving window of 90 days or less
  • Reduced cattle working days for vaccinating and weaning
  • Marketing a consistent calf crop

Click HERE for instructions on how to Draw Blood from cows for testing